Guy Davis - Director/Editor

Guy is a graduate of the American Film Institute.  "Zorg" is his first film.  At the moment, he isn't a member of any cults.

Paula Dodd - Producer

In addition to being a mechanic and a sharpshooter, Paula is also a pediatric physical therapist in civilian life. Unsurprisingly, this is an optimal skill set for producing an independent film.

Quentin Dodd - Producer

Quentin's main contributions to the production were frequent anxious glances at his watch and suggestions that we really should get the shot as soon as possible. In real life, he is a novelist and does things with computers

Benjamin Weatherston -- Cinematography

Ben has been a professional photographer in Ann Arbor, Michigan since 1997. He has a beautiful wife, Jen, and a brand new son, Everett. "Zorg and Andy" marks his debut into cinematography and he hopes to have a long and successful career in both still and motion pictures. When he's not changing and adjusting lighting setups, he can be found taking on new projects like a lamb to the slaughter.

Marco Noyola -- Production design

“Marco designed and built the idols, the Pig head, the Death Fridge, and nearly every cool thing you see in the film.  Marco is a genius.”

V.Z. Montengo - Screenplay

V.Z. Montengo was educated at St. Austin's Military Academy and Hampden College. "Zorg and Andy" is his first screenplay to be produced. When he was younger, he competed in the U.S. Fencing junior nationals. His skills have declined precipitously since then.

Suzan Harrington -- Makeup

"It's very important to be pretty, and the camera can be unforgiving. Suzan was up to the challenge."

Wesley John Ellis -- Sound

Wes was born in Tupelo, Mississippi (seven miles from Elvis's birthplace!) and studied Theatre Arts at the University of Tennessee. He now lives in Colorado and has done all kinds of technical work for Denver's Third-Rate Children's Theater. (Don't laugh! That's really the name!)

David Karasick -- Production Assistant

A Japanese and Film Studies graduate from Earlham College, David has been running his own video production company right on the outskirts of New York City since 2006.  He recently packed up his branch of the operation and moved the whole shebang to Tokyo.  Now he straddles the pacific ocean as he goes from project to project.  It's almost as fun as it sounds.  When he's not busy shooting, editing and producing, he's been teaching digital media classes in video, audio and web design for internalDrive and Apple, Inc.

Brandy Valentine - Production Assistant

"Brandy can coil up XLR cable better than anyone. Well, at least better than Quentin. A lot better."

Tucker Harrington -- Production Assistant

"'Tucker, hand me my lens.' Repeat that fifty million times, and you have Tucker's experience on set. And yet, he seemed so happy."

Bill Johnson - Production Assistant

"Thoughful. Perceptive. Considerate. Helpful. Kind of a shame he got stuck with us."

Sally Weatherston -- Costumes

"Without a good costumer, the actors are just pretty people with no clothes on. And that wasn't the movie we were trying to make. Thanks to Sally, we didn't have to."

Doug Weatherston -- Computer

"In digital cinema, there are a lot buttons to push. Doug pushed all the right ones."

Christopher Richmond - Involuntary Production Assistant

"When Chris showed up on set and discovered that his scene had been cut, he refrained from doing the sensible thing and choking one of us.  Instead, he picked up a reflector and pitched in.  Independent cinema ethic at its finest.  Thanks, man."